Gwithian water © Mark Dobson WildSeaScapes Lantic Bay © David R Abram  Perranporth Beach © kammneves

Find out about my inspiration behind the location of Trembleath in this article at TripFiction as part of their #TalkingLocationWith series.

I first visited Cornwall at the age of 21 and fell in love with her charm, beauty and magic. There is something powerful about the ocean that I am drawn to; the sheer power behind the gravitational pull of the waters and her unchartered depths is captivating. Whilst visiting the many towns of the Cornish coast throughout the years, I found a raw beauty in the makeup of its inhabitants and the stories they have to tell. There are many local legends and urban myths held in this quaint part of the UK that are equally fascinating and disturbing, their links to a rich history of Pagan festivities that are celebrated to this day was inherently going to grab my attention. So it was to a hike on the moors that sealed the fate of my story and Trembleath was born. My heart will always belong to Cornwall.

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