Find out what people thought about my writing. From an artist point of view, it is great to hear how my work is translated and whether they liked it, hated it, or simply thought it was just enjoyable. Did they relate to the characters, the sense of place and truly get the essence of the tale. Any and all feedback helps me grow as an author, it also allows me to look at how my work is interpreted – elements of my writing that people really enjoy and those where I can improve upon.

I must admit here, when I first started writing, it wasn’t with the intent to ‘get it out there’ I wasn’t even going to share it with my nearest and dearest, but I took the plunge one day and let a close friend read my first piece. Someone I knew who would have told me whether I suck and should probably keep my ramblings to myself and get myself a diary. To my utter surprise they enjoyed the read, more than that, they loved the characters and were so excited they spoke about them as though they knew them and wanted to know more about them. That got me thinking, maybe I didn’t suck after all. So I let a couple more in on the inner circle and they too loved my work. I also came to realise that I need to develop some t-shirts (more on that later).

So enjoy these reviews. If you haven’t read my work, these may entice you to do so. If you have read my work, see whether you agree with their comments.

Trembleath Reviews