Honing Your Craft

EditingWe’ve all heard it before. If you want to be a writer, then write, read, write and write some more. We may be bored of hearing this one, but in essence it is great advice. The number one rule should be to write about what you know, and, certainly in my opinion, want to read. This could be one reason why we see some authors who venture outside of their comfort zone, falling a little flat. Whether they are looking to branch out, expand their fan base, are feeling pigeon holed or, dare I say it, bored, we’ve all asked ourselves the same question. Will people want to read it? Pessimism shouldn’t be part of a writers vocabulary. You’ve written something you truly love, isn’t that enough? Not if you want to be published – if you want to dip your toe into the big bad world then expect some harsh criticism and take it like a man (or woman) – hone your craft and keep writing. Read Jodie Renner’s blog for in-depth discussion/links on the subject.

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