Happy New Year

13 is my lucky numberAnother year has gone by and we’re all still here, unless its all just a dream. Maybe the Mayans got it wrong, or maybe whoever read the prophecy did and it’s just a matter of time. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time to be prepared, but there is nothing quite like spontaneity. Wouldn’t it just be the way… picture yourself on that lifetime trip, or winning the heart of a certain someone you’ve been trying to catch the eye of for years, or even tucking into your Sunday roast – when one day… POOF. The world ceases to exist. Though I’m sure that it won’t end that way, it will be quite spectacular! What will be will be… but enough doom and gloom, we’ve all bypassed yet another apocalypse. Hurray! Here’s to a new start, a new beginning and a spectacular 2013. Will 13 be lucky for you?

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