Change is not a scary word…

PhoenixRisingI’ve been absent lately, but I’ve been going through some changes. Some people see change as both good and bad – but we need to see how it pans out before we decide which. I was made redundant just before Christmas 2013. Redundant, it’s a pretty hideous word. It makes one feel unwanted, unloved, that everything you worked for has been for nothing and you’re tossed aside like a wet rag. There are some big changes happening, lots of cuts across the board – so I’m not the only one who is going through change, but that didn’t make it any less hurtful; or lessen the stress from the two-year lengthy consultation period of uncertainty followed by the inevitable. I wasn’t in a good place. My home life was bleeding and my craft was suffering. Then there was the reprieve; an opportunity for change. I’m fortunate to have landed another job through redeployment – but its something completely different. I’d been doing the same job for over sixteen years and now I’m going to be doing something else. In truth, I was a little worried about how I would adapt, but we’re built to adapt. Change is good; it opens your eyes to something you didn’t think you’d particularly engage. So when faced with change, grab the opportunity to change, Carpe Diem!

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